About cate

My artwork is underpinned by notions of what we value as resource and what we view as waste and to explore this playfully through creating artworks in salvaged and re-use materials on canvas and in sculpture, objects and jewelry.

In recent years a strong sequence of artworks reveal a flair for narrative and interests in collections, memorabilia and salvaged materials. Immersed in the weird and wonderful nature of materials and their potential, making art in many genres, the ordinary discard and the everyday leftover strengthen as a source of reference, inspiration and raw material for the artist.

‘Nostalgic threads in paint and objects evoke a sense of spirit and place as the artist weaves a narrative in the in-between of half-remembered stories and the strangely familiar’.

Cate Collopy is a professional artist, community art worker, teacher and facilitator who enjoys these roles as part of her overall artistic practice.